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This site contains information about our mission to help youth reach the best possible quality of life they can reach. The main purpose of this site is to share my experience and to make it easy for past, present, and future clients to reach out to me.

I share a lot of knowledge and opinion on many subjects here. I am however not a doctor therefore do not use information found on this site to diagnose, or treat a youth without reaching out to the appropriate medical professional.

As you read through this site or seek information directly from me, Always remember I strongly believe the following;

No matter the medical diagnoses there is a higher power not of this earth that has the final say.
A youths knowledge, moral, and amount of support can make a difference.
Youth have the right to know, and understand their diagnoses.
Parents above all have the final say if mentally and physically able.
Parents as well as youth have a right to follow their gut instinct.
Youth have a right to seek out confidential assistance when needed.
Youth have a right to speak up if someone or something makes them feel uncomfortable or afraid.
Youth have a right to be loved, protected, and nurtured.

Thank you,
Rodney J. Miller PCA

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